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Submit your Talents to TNC!

So, you want to get started with getting your work published with us?

Our Mission

We welcome individual content creators and bloggers from our community to contribute high quality original content to the TNC website. This is a great opportunity for you and your kids to show case the talents outside TNCs regular events.

Our organization was started 25 years ago to maintain our cultural and social heritage as best we can in northern California Tamil Community. Today we want to open our web publication platform is to share and celebrate our ethnic cultural identities with in the community, as well as with those outside of the community.


Read our guidelines below carefully. Contents submitted must meet all of the requirements in order to be considered.

We do not..

Publish contents that we consider threatening, obscene, defamatory or abusive; hate speech or generalizes offensively a particular race, a group of people, or an individual.

We do not..

Accept contents with references that promote a business, service or product which is not authentically aligned to TNC's mission and values.


Contents will be published under your name and you will retain copyright for it. If selected, you are explicitly giving us permission to publish your article.

Be Original

Contents must be original to the author. Posts must not have been previously published or submitted elsewhere online or offline; other than TNC.

Be relevant

Contents must be somewhat relevant to the Tamil community and Bay area. E.g even if you are writing about space exploration see if you can talk about any contribution from Tamil scientists.


We encourage contributions from all TNC members and the children of members. Contents written by children unger age 16 must be proof read and submitted by parents .

Use of Images

Do not include any pictures or images from internet. We encourage the use of original materials to support your contents. Seek help from TNC for purchasing any images.

Be Unique

We want to ensure that our readers get to read contents that are unique. Please read our published articles to see if your idea is already published or has a different prespective.

So, how do you write or submit your contents?



If you are somewhat familiar with WordPress platform word editors, we encourage you to directly write on our website. We will provide you a profile as an author.

Please contact us at for more information.



You could submit your contents as a word document using “Submit Contents Online” link below.

When you submit the content for the first time, make sure to include a brief description about the author.



You could also email your contents to us as a word document. Make sure to include a description about the author.

Please email your creations to with the subject prefix of “TNC Publication”

Writing in Tamil

If you wish to submit contents in Tamil, we encourage you to use Tamil unicode text editors. There are several tools available online to type in Tamil unicode including Google’s input tools (உள்ளீட்டு கருவி).

Try Google’s input tools (உள்ளீட்டு கருவி)