About Us

Tamils of Northern California (TNC) came into exsistance in the early 1980’s in the San Francisco Bay Area and functioned as an informal group. It was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1994. In 1996, the organization applied for and was confirmed by the IRS as a Federally registered non-profit organization.

The aim of the organization has been to organize social and cultural functions that serve as a meeting place for Tamils and also maintain our cultural and social heritage as best we can.

In addition, the organization has also been successful in raising funds for refugee relief work back in Sri Lanka. Over the past fifteen years contributions from the community and the public amounted to over $ 700,000. These have already been remitted annually to refugee relief organizations such as the CSI Church in Vaddukottai, HUDEC run by the Jaffna Catholic Church, IRF, Ramakrishna Mission-Batticaloa, Green Memorial Hospital-Manipai, IMHO the Medical Health Organization, Manitha Neyam, and educational establishments such as ITTPO and other NGOs – as chosen by the donors.

We appeal for more community participation towards the continued growth of the TNC. Please renew/ join as a member of the TNC. Take up positions on the Board of Directors and make a valuable contribution towards the noble goals of the Tamils of Northern California.

The recent war that has ravaged the Vanni region, has left about over 100,000 dead and 300,000 civilians homeless. They are being held in detention camps against their will, unable to return to their own homes and land. The conditions in these camps are squalid by all accounts, with limited access to international aid agencies and media. Few who have access report of acute shortage of basic facilities such as food, infant formulae, medicines, shelter and proper sanitation. Many seriously injured lay unattended, and many die due to starvation and lack of medical care on a daily basis. They would need our continued help for the foreseeable future and we seek your help..

The Core Values of TNC

  • To the best of our ability we shall adhere to the TNC constitution and respect all members and foster open discussion.
  • Sustain a democratic organization encouraging participation from all members.
  • We believe in strong interaction with other similar organizations to learn and become innovative.
  • The TNC spirit is to create a motivating atmosphere, tolerance, friendship and teamwork.


To maintain the culture and celebrate the fine arts of the Tamils, by organizing social, cultural and religious events in our community.

To contribute to the wellbeing of fellow Tamils in Sri Lanka, maintain close contact with them and publicize the facts about their condition and welfare.

The Mission of TNC

  • To provide a meeting ground for Tamil speaking people residing in Northern California.
  • To promote the study and appreciation of Tamil culture, language, and the customs and traditions
  • Foster the growth and development of art, culture economy and general welfare of the Tamil speaking people
  • To publicize the facts about the condition and welfare of the Tamils in Sri Lanka